Prim and Grim’s Story

One October when I was little, a haunted house opened up near my house. Every time we drove past it I craned my neck to try to see what was inside. I wanted to go to it. So. badly. I pestered my mother (incessantly), and one day she actually gave in… apparently my tough exterior was present even when I was young. She paid the admission and we waited in line. And waited. And waited. The excitement and anticipation grew with every lengthy second until… FINALLY! Our tickets were torn and the red rope was unlatched just for us.

There were pounding strobe lights in white carelessly-draped hallways, dizzying checkered mazes that made you feel like your chest was outside of your body, fears and shadow people lurking around every corner… and to my stubborn dismay, one of these dreaded horrors, a masked actor, got the best of me (goodbye, false tough exterior). As he lunged at me from behind a strategically created shadow, tears and gasps choked me. Sobs became my breathing. I was hurried backstage where the terror became completely false…(cardboard walls are NOT scary). The actor removed his mask and profusely apologized when he realized my young age… because why would a little girl be inside a haunted house (because I was TOUGH!)? That was the day that my love for horror was born!

The possibility that something could invoke extreme physical anxiety and simultaneous exhilaration, yet not be real, is the essence and fun of horror. But horror fans are left in a sticky situation, for how is a horror fan to express their interest in a way that doesn’t offend other people? Take a sports fan, for example. A sports fan can wear a sports jersey. Or a comic book fan… can wear a Marvel t-shirt. Rival teams or nerd stereotypes are expected and accepted… but horror fans are into, well, things that make people uncomfortable. Intentionally. Or are into things that may even seem to mock real life tragedy. To us, it’s a safe way to be uncomfortable. Put plastic surgery on the television and I’ll vomit, because it’s real. But show me horror movie guts all day long and I giggle uncomfortably. It is designed to push our reality safely… In summary, let’s just say that the options for celebrating a love for horror are limited.

And so, Prim and Grim! Based out of my home in beautiful Denver, Colorado, I create accessories and home décor that are designed to tap into the “grim” part of the brain while simultaneously causing a manageable level of discomfort. Do mannequins creep you out? Are you scared of dolls? Do clowns and puppets give you the heeby jeebies? Hooray! The “prim” side of Prim and Grim comes from my desire to keep the horror within a reasonable threshold.

I also love making jewelry and accessories that reference things vintage, retro, industrial, antique, circus, etc., and that emit a mood of another time or place,

Thank you for viewing my “About” page! Please enjoy a look around my shop!